May 30, 2024

USD 443 BOE looking to fill vacancy

Dodge City, KS( The USD 443 Board of Education is currently accepting applications to fill an open position. Applications may be submitted online at application. Deadline for submission is noon on Feb. 12, as the board will meet that night at its regularly scheduled meeting, and review applications.

The board then will decide what the next step will be in appointing someone for that position. Board members cannot currently be employed by USD 443 and must be at least 18 years of age. They must also reside in the USD 443 district. Board of Education members are asking applicants for information regarding their interest in serving on the board, previous professional and volunteer activities in our community, and involvement in activities and programs of Dodge City Public Schools.

The application also asks interested parties to describe the preparation, skills, education, or training interested individuals would bring to the USD 443 Board of Education. Every school district faces challenges, so part of the application process asks what the individual views as the three biggest challenges faced by Dodge City Public Schools, as well as the district’s greatest strengths or assets. For more information, please call Yvonda Offerle at 620-371-1023 or Deb Longton at 20-371-1003.