May 27, 2024

GCHS Students Fashion Design Work Recognized by K-State University

The work of six Garden City High School fashion students was showcased during the “2018 Apparel Textile/ Interior Design Student Symposium” at Kansas State University on April 12, 2018. There were only 14 high school students recognized from the entire state during the event.

Javier Cervantes, senior, had two pieces showcased. They included a “Just Clothes” black suit and a red, blue, and cream color blocked men’s shirt that was created for the character Usnavi in the musical “In the Heights”. Javier also received a Gold Ranking at the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) District Star Events where he qualified for the state competition on April 15-17th.

Raylyn Swank, senior, had her black and gold metallic and lace dress showcased, that she made for the character Daniella in the musical “In the Heights”.

Tuyen (Tammy) Truong, sophomore, had her dress entitled “Wildflower” displayed. Tammy also received a Gold Ranking and qualified for the FCCLA state competition with this piece.

Xiomara Herrera, senior, had her cream and floral button up men’s shirt displayed that was created for the character Usnavi in the musical “In the Heights”.

Angel Grijalva, junior, has a series of fashion photographs entitled “Rare Feelings” that will be displayed in the K-State Student Union until April 19th.

Brenda Resendiz, senior, had her Recycle and Redesign project displayed in the K-state Student Union. Her project includes a paper corset and plastic and paper floral origami skirt. Her project also earned her a qualification for the state FCCLA competition.

Other students entering submissions included: Salma Roman, Karina Ailon, AJ Ramirez, Mirtha Arzate, and Anthony Garcia, seniors; Ivy Servin and Brandy Macedo, juniors; Aubrey Simon, Morelia Saldana, and Arely Becerill, sophomores; and Seferino Ramirez and Mia Zapien, freshmen.

The Annual ATID Student Symposium is professional opportunity for prospective and current K-State students to network with alumni and connect with professionals working in the apparel industry and interior design profession. This year’s symposium focus was “GET TO THE CRUX,” sponsored by the AT and ID advisory boards. The symposium opened with the Showcase of Excellence on April 12th and will continue on April 13th with a keynote speaker, a networking luncheon and other professional development opportunities. The keynote speaker was Melea McRae. Her presentation was titled, “Get to the Crux of You…your personal brand: who you are, how you present yourself, how you build your networks to succeed in your career.”

Attending the “Get to the Crux” event were Salma Roman, Brenda Resendiz, Mirtha Arzate, Karina Ailon, Anthony Garcia, Xiomara Herrera, Tammy Truong, Mia Zapien, Brandy Macedo, and Seferino Ramirez.

If you have any questions about the fashion/ interior design program at GCHS, please contact instructor, Robyn Hilt