May 26, 2024

Johnson City man still missing after 13 years

JOHNSON CITY, Kan. (AP) – A city in southwest Kansas is reflecting on a man who is still missing more than a dozen years after his disappearance.

The Hutchinson News reports that Michael Golub was 27 when he went missing 13 years ago. Golub was on his way to pick up his 5-year-old son at the Stanton County home of Shannon Floyd, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child. He never returned, and his vehicle was discovered days later on an isolated county road.

Floyd and her husband were accused of killing Golub, but charges were dismissed after two juries couldn’t reach verdicts in the case.

Golub was 15 when his family moved to Johnson City in 1994. His stepfather Jim Hines says the town has carried on after the disappearance, but he’s “just waiting for the truth to be known.”