May 24, 2024

U.S. Attorney assigns lawyer(s) to observe election in Dodge City

DODGE CITY, KAN — United State Attorney, Stephen McAllister announced on Tuesday that he will send a staff member to observe the voting situation on Tuesday, Nov. 6 in Dodge City.

McAllister is sending one or more of his lawyers to Dodge City after recent news of the city only having one polling location for it’s 27,000+ residents. The news has gone viral and many people have reached out to Dodge City Mayor, Kent Smoll, as well as Ford County Clerk, Debbie Cox.

Smoll has recently came out and made a statement regarding the situation. He wants to emphasize that the move to the Expo Center is because of construction going on near the old polling location, the Dodge City Civic Center. Smoll also said that Dodge City Public Transportation is giving free rides to those who need a ride to the Expo Center, which is located outside of the city’s limits.

McAllister’s office also announced that they have filed a notice announcing his intentions to the court and the parties involved in a civil lawsuit filed by the League of United Latin American Citizens against the Ford County Clerk’s Office.

“At this time, we are simply taking a basic step to observe the election with the hope that all goes smoothly in Ford County, so that each and every voter’s constitutional right to vote is honored and fully protected,” McAllister said in his release.