April 19, 2024

Scott City wrestling finishes second at Abilene

Abilene, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–The Scott City Beaver wrestling team made their longest road trip of the season so far on Saturday, taking part in the Abilene Invitational. This year, the field was as stacked as ever, with three of the top four teams in Class 4A in Marysville (No. 1), Scott City (No. 3) and Pratt (No. 4), as well as the No. 10 ranked team in 3-2-1A and Salina Central, ranked No. 10 in 5A.

Scott City will find themselves finishing second, behind Marysville. Pratt came in third.

The Beavers had three individual champions, led by Justus McDaniel at 132, Wyatt Hayes at 170 and Kyle Sherwood at 220. Finishing second were Kaden Wren at 138 and Theron Tucker at 145.

Scott City will have a triangular at Holcomb and will also face Liberal on Tuesday.

Team Scores
Marysville 224.5, Scott City 203, Pratt 186, McPherson 169.5, Salina Central 160, Abilene 137.5, Buhler 107.5, Santa Fe Trail 94, Silver Lake 90, Basehor-Linwood 81, Phillipsburg 66, Smoky Valley 59

Team Results
106: Zach Rohrbough, 3rd Place
Lost by maj dec to Devon Weber, Pratt, 12-2; won by fall over Kaleb Stroda, Abilene, 1:48; won by fall over Skyleigh Pflaster, Abilene, 0:24; and won by fall over Brayton Olesen, Basehor-Linwood, 0:52

113: Conner Armendariz, 5th Place
Won by decision over Lorenzo Cruzen, McPherson, 10-3; lost by dec to Javin Welsh, Abilene, 6-4; lost by fall to William Stroda, Abilene, 0:40; won by fall over Conlee Hugunin, Phillipsburg, 3:02; won by dec over Justin Rakestraw, Silver Lake, 6-2

120: Brandon Roberts, 6th Place
Won by fall over Devon VanFosson, Smoky Valley, 1:00; lost by tech fall to Christian Rowe, Santa Fe Trail, 17-1; lost by fall to Elix Hernandez, Salina Central, 1:47; won by disqualification over Gus Haug, Abilene; lost by fall to Koda Dipman, Pratt, 3:24

132: Justus McDaniel, 1st Place
Won by fall over Zachary Lamatsch, Pratt, 1:13; won by decision over Jason Schroeder, Silver Lake, 7-3; won by fall over Austin Niblock, Phillipsburg, 1:28; won by decision over Adam Whitson, Buhler, 8-5

138: Kaden Wren, 2nd Place
Won by fall over Brooks Burgoon, Salina Central, 1:11; won by major decision over Bryce Isabell, Santa Fe Trail, 11-1; won by fall over Jackson Randles, Abilene, 1:25; won by fall over Jonny Crome, Marysville, 0:58; lost by decision to Rhett Edmonson, McPherson, 6-4

145: Theron Tucker, 2nd Place
Won by fall over Austin Wuthnow, Abilene, 0:20; won by decision over Keegan Caudillo, Marysville, 8-2; won by fall over Nathan Moon, Phillipsburg 0:34; won by decision over Ethan Bolen, Salina Central, 5-2; lost by medical forfeit to Nick Elliott, Buhler

152: Noah Kliesen, 5th Place
Won by fall over Hunter Trostle, Smoky Valley, 0:56; lost by dec to Scott Kuhn, Silver Lake, 4-3; lost by tech fall to Kadence Riner, Pratt, 18-2; won by decision over Derek Roever, Marysville, 7-3; won by major decision over Iziah Cook, Pratt, 12-4

160: Justin Hundertmark, 8th Place
Won by decision over Triston Vandervelde, Silver Lake, 5-2; lost by fall to Noah Ackerman, Marysville, 0:41; lost by fall to Caleb Jeanneret, Santa Fe Trail, 0:48; lost by fall to Matt Kirkendall, Phillipsburg, 1:37; lost by fall to Chase Pywell, Smoky Valley, 1:26

170: Wyatt Hayes, 1st Place
Won by fall over Matthew Adams, Smoky Valley, 0:14; won by fall over Luis Garcia-Jimenez, Pratt, 0:58; won by major decision over Cayman Munson, Salina Central, 11-0; won by fall over Jonah Clarke, McPherson, 1:09; won by decision over Storm Slupianek, Marysville, 3-1

182: Cale Goodman 6th Place
Won by fall over Morgun Roeder, Buhler, 0:30; lost by fall to Landon Frantz, McPherson, 4:37; lost by fall to Matt Lindhorst, Marysville, 3:11; won by decision over Tanner Luttig, Smoky Valley, 7-4; lost by fall to Caden Blankenship, Pratt, 2:44

195: Izaac Miller 8th Place
Lost by fall to Josh Willcutt, Basehor-Linwood, 0:19; lost by fall to Gideon Remer, Silver Lake, 5:10; lost by fall to Treylan Gross, Phillipsburg, 0:40; won by decision over Evan Bishop, Salina Central, 7-2; lost by fall to Dawson Wuthnow, Abilene, 4:18

220: Kyle Sherwood, 1st Place
Won by fall over William Rosada, Salina Central, 0:15; won by decision over Bradley Briggs, Buhler, 7-2; won by fall over Caleb Harmes, Santa Fe Trail, 4:40; won by decision over Hunter Huber, Pratt, SV-1 6-1; won by decision over Bradley Briggs, Buhler, 6-2

285: Gabe Bowers, 8th Place
Won by fall over Ethan Wilkins, Salina-Central, 2:53; lost by decision to Kaleb Parker, Marysville, 3-0; lost by fall to Nate Grosland, Smoky Valley, 0:57; lost by medical forfeit to Victor Bejarano, Basehor-Linwood; lost by medical forfeit to Jonah Scott, McPherson