May 25, 2024

Finney County Spelling Bee finalists are set

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GARDEN CITY, Kan. — Students from Finney County have advanced to the Finney County Spelling Bee that will be held Saturday, February 2nd, at 9:00 a.m. in the Garden City High School auditorium, 2720 Buffalo Way Blvd.  Students from elementary through middle school grades will be competing in the spelling bee.  The first and second place winners of the Finney County Spelling Bee will qualify to participate in the Regional Spelling Bee that will be on Saturday, March 9th at Newman University in Wichita, Kansas.

The spelling bee winners include:

Alta Brown Elementary School:

1st: Ben Hoang

2nd: Isaul Torres

3rd: Andrew Tiede

The alternate is: Mariah Archuleta

Buffalo Jones Elementary School:

1st: Emmely Tovar

2nd: Alexa Munoz

3rd: Izair Ortega

The alternate is: Samantha Cabral

Florence Wilson Elementary School:

1st: Yaneli Armenta

2nd: Trevin Tabor

3rd: Phoenix Bluvan

The alternate is: Marsae Hanneman

Gertrude Walker Elementary School:

1st: London Ojeda

2nd: Mitchelle Similien

3rd: Aaliah Garza

The alternate is: Isaac Owens

Jennie Barker Elementary School:

1st: Olivia Holguin

2nd: Zachary Kitch

3rd: Derrick Hoff

The alternate is: Emily Klassen

Jennie Wilson Elementary School:

1st: Savanna Reyes

2nd: Jayden Reis

3rd: Maggie Deal

The alternate is: Landon Moquett

Plymell Elementary School:

1st:  Paisley Huber

2nd: Zane Storer

3rd: Vivian Whitham

The alternate is: Bryson Workman

Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center:

1st: Sam Jacobs

2nd: Eryn Baldwin

3rd: Darey Pina Montano

The alternate is: Alyssa Lemons

Charles O. Stones Intermediate Center:

1st: Denny Southavongsa

2nd: Luis Perez

3rd: Alan Lopez

The alternate is: Ariel Aguirre Portillo

Horace Good Middle School

1st: Emily Scott

2nd: Evan Gurrola

3rd: Karl Aguilar

The alternate is: Staton Clark

Kenneth Henderson Middle School:

1st: Anabel Orrantia

2nd: Riley Biby

3rd: Colby Kempke

The alternate is: Paige Chappel

Holcomb Elementary School:

1st: Blake Mader

2nd: Ashland Wilson

3rd: Mattea Kennis

The alternate is: Alexis Smith

Holcomb Middle School:

1st:  Rylie Thyne

2nd: Yaniqe Stewart

3rd: Jacob Owens

St. Mary School:

1st: Robbie Kuhlmeier

2nd: Dio Holguin

3rd: Alexis Gollop