June 20, 2024

USD 457 honors school board leaders

(special to westernkansasnews.com)

GARDEN CITY, Kan. — January is School Board Recognition Month and Garden City Public Schools is joining other school districts across the state to acknowledge the important contributions local school board members make to their communities.  The thousands of elected school board members are honored by their schools and communities for their dedication to school governance.

School Board Recognition Month recognizes that the elected board represents a continuing commitment to local citizen control and decision-making in education.  As citizen leaders who serve our children, individual school board members face complex and demanding challenges.  School board members must develop policies and make tough decisions on educational and social issues, which impact the entire community. 

The board members will be presented with certificates of recognition at the next school board meeting on Monday, January 14th, at 6:00 p.m. in the Educational Support Center, 1205 Fleming Street.  The Garden City Public Schools Board of Education members include: Lara Bors, Jean Clifford, Tim Cruz, Dr. Tim Hanigan, Dana Nanninga, Mark Rude, and Jennifer Standley.