June 21, 2024

Scott City repeats as GWAC Wrestling Champions

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–Down to the final regular season tournament, the Great West Activities Conference held their annual tournament Saturday in Scott City. This year’s tournament featured a pair of No. 1 ranked teams and several wrestlers ranked in their classification.

The tournament title for a third straight year came down to Colby and Scott City. For the second straight year, the Beavers, ranked No. 1 in Class 4A, were able to hold off the No. 1 team in Class 3-2-1A Colby 42-31 in an intense dual. Ulysses would finish in third as a team.

Scott City had a solid day overall, taking home six individual champions, while Ulysses had four and Hugoton had one league champion.

Dual Records
Scott City 5-0, Colby 4-1, Ulysses 3-2, Goodland 2-3, Hugoton 1-4, Holcomb 0-5

Dual Scores
Scott City 77 def Holcomb 0; Colby def Ulysses 46-27; Goodland def Hugoton 42-40; Scott City def Goodland 72-6; Ulysses def Hugoton 48-30; Scott City def Hugoton 66-15; Colby def Holcomb 81-0; Colby def Goodland 68-12; Ulysses def Holcomb 60-15; Scott City def Colby 42-31; Ulysses def Goodland 58-21; Scott City def Ulysses 49-22; Hugoton def Holcomb 54-15; Colby def Hugoton 72-12; Goodland def Holcomb 66-18

Top Three Placers
1. Quentin Pauda, Ulysses; 2. Tyler Voss, Colby; 3. Zach Rohrbough, Scott City

Quentin Pauda, Ulysses

1. Conner Armendariz, Scott City; 2. Conner Lanning, Colby; 3. Brody Kaup, Goodland

Conner Armendariz, Scott City

1. Jonathan Lara, Ulysses; 2. Aiden Cook, Colby; 3. Brandon Roberts, Scott City

Jonathan Lara, Ulysses

1. Keden Frahm, Colby; 2. Dylan Fulton Scott City; 3. Ashton Burrows, Hugoton

1. Justus McDaniel, Scott City; 2. Wyatt Tubbs, Colby; 3. Sbastian Munoz, Holcomb

Justus McDaniel, Scott City

1. Kaden Wren, Scott City; 2. Juan Urbina, Ulysses; 3. Manten Crow, Goodland

Kaden Wren, Scott City

1. Theron Tucker, Scott City; 2. Konnor Griffin, Colby; 3. Alonso Martinez, Ulysses

Theron Tucker, Scott City

1. Noah Kliesen, Scott City; 2. Cade Lanning, Colby; 3. Michael Mendoza, Hugoton

Noah Kliesen, Scott City

1. Nick Holmes, Ulysses; 2. Carter Coziahr, Hugoton; 3. Nick Rehmer, Colby

Nick Holmes, Ulysses

1. Wyatt Hayes, Scott City; 2. Mason Murray, Goodland; 3. Colin Carroll, Colby

Wyatt Hayes, Scott City

1. Kory Finley, Colby; 2. Cale Goodman, Scott City; 3. Alex Corpus, Ulysses

1. Hagan Booi, Colby; 2. Jace Garrison, Ulysses; 3. Dawson Holub, Goodland

1. David Cruz, Hugoton; 2. Kyle Sherwood, Scott City; 3. Rowdy Farr, Colby

David Cruz, Hugoton

1. Ayston Perez, Ulysses; 2. Declan Ryan, Colby; 3. Juan Interial, Holcomb

Ayston Perez, Ulysses