June 13, 2024

Dighton, Scott City and Syracuse crews receive KDOT Example of Excellence Award

(Courtesy of the KS Department of Transportation)

The Kansas Department of Transportation’s Dighton sub area crew with help from the Scott City and Syracuse sub area crews, received KDOT’s Example of Excellence Award for going above and beyond the call of duty at the District Six Annual meeting last week.

When severe weather moved through the area last summer, the remote tractor shed and salt bunker located at the K-23/K-4 junction, were both damaged. According to Jim Armknecht, Dighton Sub Area Supervisor, “The high winds tore the canvas roofs off the shed and the bunker. Both needed to be replaced before winter, but we wanted to do more than canvas roofs that get damaged easily with the high winds and weather we have out here.” Armknecht worked with Ron Munyan, the Area Supervisor, to determine the best solution, ultimately deciding on building metal roofs for the shed and bunker.

After visiting other sites to see what the project entailed and reviewing plans, the Dighton sub area crew with the help of the Scott City and Syracuse crews were able to enclose the sheds with new metal roofs that will better withstand the southwest Kansas weather. “In the past, we would have had an area crew that completed this type of work. We no longer have an area crew, so this is the first time a sub area crew in District Six has completed this type of project. I’m very proud to work with our crews who always do their best to get the job done every day,” said Gary Bennett, Area Engineer.