June 20, 2024

Garden City High School Students Win KAB Awards

(Courtesy of USD 457 Public Information Coordinator, Roy Cessna)

Students from the Garden City High School Buffalo Broadcasting System (BBS) – radio and television classes competed in the Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) state awards competition and received a large number of awards.  There were 55 awards given to the program with 16 state champions, 21 state runner-up awards, and 18 state Honorable Mention finishes. 

The awards will be handed out at the Kansas Association of Broadcasters Student Seminar in Lawrence, Kansas on Tuesday, April 2nd. The KAB will give out 94 awards to the 17 high schools competing.  GCHS won more awards than every other high school combined.

The students produced their radio or television entries and submitted them to the association for judging. 

The 2019 KAB award winners for GCHS in the television category are:

State Champion:  Hailey Enriquez & Jennifer Montelongo, Sportscast: Katie Chandler, Best News Anchor; Delaney De Spain, Documentary; Tam Nguyen, Research Paper; Katie Chandler, Promotion Activity.

State Runner-up:  Jonathon Beckwith, Cooper Thayer, Station Promotion Announcement; Austin Underwood, Public Affairs Program; Delaney De Spain, Hard News Package; Katrina Lucero, Complete News Feature; Alan Sanchez & David Flores, Complete Sports Feature; Tyler Stutzman, Sportscast; Spencer Turrentine, Sports Play by Play; Justin Johnson, Research Paper; Jescie Bribiesca, Promotion Activity.


Honorable Mention: Tyler Stutzman, Station Promotion Announcement; Jesus Rodriguez, Angel Villalobos, Anrhony Gonzalez, Jennifer Montelongo, Jescie Bribiesca, Katie Chandler, Complete Newscast 3 Days Week or Less; Katie Chandler, Raquel Garcia, Crystal Arroyo, Nancy Tran, Delaney De Spain, Brayden Bicket, Complete Newscast 4 Days Week or More,  Crystal Arroyo, Raquel Garcia & Nancy Tran, Hard News Package; Austin Underwood & Spencer Turrentine, Sports Play by Play; Deborah Medina, Documentary; Brayley Frazier, Promotion Activity.

The 2019 KAB award winners for GCHS in the radio category are:

State Champion: Alejandro Varela, Promotional Audio; Cooper Thayer, Public Affairs Program; Chris Gomez, David Flores, Makinzy Weilert, Complete Newscast 3 Days/Week or less; Spencer Turrentine, Christian Reyes, Vivian Le, Cole Thompson, Araceli Rodriguez, Complete Newscast 4 Days/ Week or More; Olivia Galpin, Hard News Package; Luz Jacob Sims, Enterprise News Package; Alex Elchuck, Complete Sports Feature; Spencer Turrentine, Sportscast; Audio Productions Class, Documentary; Alejandro Varela, Research Paper; Ruben Villatoro; Promotion Event.

State Runner-up: Zaria Gottschalk, Station Promotion Announcement; Jayson Resendiz, Public Affairs Program; Jayson Resendiz, Christian Reyes, Chris Rico, Complete Newscast 3 Days/Week or less; Alejandro Fuentes, Alejandro Varela, Brenda Chavez, Paul Perez, Katelin Pittillo, Complete Newscast 4 Days/ Week or More; Nancy Tran, Hard News Package; Araceli Rodriguez, Enterprise News Package; Alejandro Fuentes, Complete News Feature; Alejandro Varela, Complete Sports Feature; Zaria Gottschalk, Jayson Resendiz, Jeremy Garcia, Adamaris Medina, Sportscast; Paul Perez, DJ Personality; Austin Underwood and Spencer Turrentine, Sports Play-by-Play; ; Paul Perez, Documentary; Jazmin Orozco, Brayden Bicket, Ruben Villatoro, Entertainment Program; Katelin Pittillo, Research Paper.

Honorable Mention:  Vivian Le, Olivia Galpin, 60 Second PSA ; Alex Elchuck, Station Promotion Announcement;   Deborah Medina, Public Affairs Program; Luis Alcantara & Luis Hinojosa, Complete Newscast 3 Days/Week or less; Adamaris Medina, Jayson Resendiz, Jeremy Garcia, Zach Rojas, Zaria Gottschalk, Complete Newscast 4 Days/ Week or More; Vivian Le, Hard News Package; Deborah Medina & Makinzy Weilert, Complete News Feature; Luis Alcantara, Complete Sports Feature; Alex Elchuck, Olivia Galpin, Christian Martinez, Brayley Fraizer, Sportscast; Jeremy Garcia, Documenttary.

Jesse A. Bernal is the television and radio instructor for Garden City High School.