February 28, 2024

USD 457: HGMS Mentoring Classes Donate Funds to Finney County Humane Society

(Courtesy of USD 457)

Two Horace Good Middle School mentoring classes presented a $1,000 check to the Finney County Humane Society.  Nikki Spanier, Director of the Finney County Humane Society, was at the school on Thursday, April 18th, to receive the check from the classes.

The classes of Ms. Alexander and Ms. Kayser came together to raise money to benefit the Humane Society through a dodgeball tournament that was held at the school on March 8th.  The tournament was one of the class projects that they had to coordinate.  There were 16 teams that competed in the tournament, 15 student teams and one team of teachers.  Each participant paid a five dollar entry fee to compete in the tournament.  Proceeds from concession stands at the tournament were also contributed to the project. The “Sevies” team won the tournament, which was an eight grade team.

The students brainstormed on various events and activities that they could do as a service project.  Logan Clower, student in Ms. Kayser’s class, noted that the P.E. department held a dodgeball tournament last year, which the class agreed would be a good to do again this year as a fundraising project.

The students then looked at a number of organizations in the community that they would support with the funds that were raised from the tournament. Brisa Perez-Cervantes said that they looked at meaningful places in the community, like the Humane Society, Emmaus House, Salvation Army, and others.

The students decided that the Finney County Humane Society would be a worthy organization for the donation.  “Animals are in need as much as humans,” said Julia Cisneros, a student in Ms. Alexander’s class. 

The mentoring classes allow all students a chance to meet with a dedicated teacher each day as part of their academic and personal development. Students meet with the same mentor for both their 7th and 8th grade years, providing them with a sense of continuity and allowing their mentor teachers to know their students better. Each mentoring class at Horace Good Middle School is encouraged to complete a service project during the year to benefit the local community.