June 13, 2024

USD 457: Elementary School to teach kids fishing

GARDEN CITY, Kan. — It’s not unusual for a physical education unit to spark a kid’s interest in a sport or activity.  Judy Jennings, PE teacher at Jennie Wilson Elementary School, will be introducing students at the school to fishing.  She will be touting it as a life-long physical activity.  The unit will be taught during the morning on Tuesday, May 7th in the school gymnasium.

There will be an aquarium at the school so students can see actual fish that they can find in local ponds.  There will also be discussion about conservation and environmental stewardship lessons and the importance that fish play in the environment.  The unit also teaches various skills like casting a line and patience.

“This might spark some interest amongst the students to see if they would like to make plans to fish during the summer,” noted Jennings.