July 16, 2024

GCCC Trustees Adopt Final 2019-2020 Budget, Authorize Additional Funding for External Investigation in August 13 Meeting

Garden City Community College

[Garden City, KS, August 14, 2019–] During a regularly scheduled meeting on August 13, the Board of Trustees for Garden City Community College voted to adopt the final 2019-2020 budget, authorized up to $100,000 in additional funding for the ongoing external investigation into the death of Braeden Bradforth, and authorized both a life-insurance policy and a one-time award to Dr. Ruda, GCCC President, for the attainment of his doctorate degree.

Final Adoption of 2019-2020 Budget

After making the working budget available for public review following its approval for publishing in the July Board meeting, the GCCC Board of Trustees held a Budget Hearing immediately before the regularly scheduled Board meeting on August 13 to take comments from the public.  Following the hearing, the Board entered the regular session and voted to adopt the final 2019-2020 budget.  The adopted budget amount to be levied for the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 in General Fund tax is $10,173,241, with an anticipated General Fund mill levy of 20.386 mills.

Authorization to Increase Funds for External Investigation

The Board also authorized up to $100,000 of additional funding to cover anticipated costs for the external investigation into the death of Braeden Bradforth.  

Authorization of Benefit Awards for Dr. Ruda, GCCC President

The Board of Trustees at GCCC is responsible for authorization and approval of any contractual or employee benefits for Dr. Ruda.  During the meeting, the Board acted to approve a $735 annual premium for a 15-year, $500,000 life insurance policy for Dr. Ruda.   The Board also approved a one-time award of $7,500 to Dr. Ruda for attainment of his doctoral degree, which is consistent with the award schedule for eligible GCCC employees who advance their level of education for the benefit of the college.

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