July 16, 2024

GCCC Meats Judging Team Wins the American Royal Contest

[Garden City, KS, Oct. 14, 2019–] The 2019 Meats Team won the American Royal Contest on Sunday, Oct. 13, by a 59 point margin. The team placed 1st in Beef Grading, Lamb Judging, Pork Judging, and Placings. GCCC also tied for 1st, winning 2nd overall, in Questions and 2nd in both Beef Judging and Total Beef.

Each of the four GCCC participants on the marketing team placed in the top 7 overall.

Emily Glenn: High individual (2nd in a row); 1st in Beef Grading and Total Beef; 2nd in Questions, Placings, and Pork Judging; 3rd in Beef Judging and Lamb Judging

Dallie Metheney: Ranked 3rd overall; 2nd in Lamb Judging; 3rd in Pork Judging and Questions; 4th in Placings; 5th in Beef Grading

Kyle Hammond: 4th overall; 1st in Placings; 2nd in Total Beef; 4th in Beef Judging, Lamb Judging, and Pork Judging; 5th in Questions

Taylor Paxson: 7th overall; 6th in Beef Grading

Ben Bradbury: 1st high alternate overall

Morgan Hoskinson: 4th high alternate

RaeAnne Blevins: 6th high alternate

Marcus Archuleta: 7th high alternate

Riley Eisenhauer: 8th high alternate

Jenny Kreger: 12th high alternate

This is the 3rd win (National Western, Houston, American Royal) out of 4 contests for the team. The team will attempt a win at the National Championship at the High Plains contest on Oct. 27 in Friona, TX, with several individual contenders for All-American status.