July 15, 2024

GCHS Seniors Named Kansas Honor Scholars

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There have been a number of Garden City High School seniors that have been named Kansas Honor Scholars by the University of Kansas Alumni Association.  These students will be recognized on October 9, 2019, by the Alumni Association with a ceremony held in their honor at Garden City High School.

The GCHS students include: Jacqueline Acosta, Zaza Boutdara, Ana Casados, Loribeth Claro-Martinez, Shantal Covarrubias, Emma Dirks, Ian Doi, Kyle Doll, Lane Durst, Olivia Olivia, Cambry Hitchcock, Shelby Irsik, Reagan Karlin, Jordan Koerperich, Ryan Larsen, Karly Larson, Alexander Lemons, Veronica Martinez, Madison McKenna, Chasidy Miner, Ivan Montelongo, Sofia Montoya Ortiz, Nathan Morren, Oliver Nguyen, Yen Hai Nguyen, Mary Heart Niere, Rylee Ortiz, Madilynne Pate, Erik Ramirez-Chavez, Deliya Say, Levi Schwaderer, Alexander Sebranek, Jaime Skinner, Thida Southavongsa, Carson Tanner, Adair Torres, Adriana Treto-Villareal, Jade Valdez-Gomez, Remi Vargas, Kristyl Washington, Saleen Wears, and Angelina West.

Scholars are selected based on academic records through the previous semester that are provided by high school principals. Selections are made regardless of curricula (weighted or non-weighted), majors, occupational plans or higher-education goals.

The Kansas Honors Program has been a KU tradition since 1971.  It is designed to promote academic excellence in secondary education, to reward high school seniors for their hard work and dedication, and to support Kansas communities.