June 20, 2024

Middle School Students Make District Band and Orchestra

USD 457

Band and orchestra students from Horace Good Middle School and Kenneth Henderson Middle School auditioned and made the Southwest District Middle School Honor Band and Orchestra. They will perform in a concert with other students from around the area on Saturday, November 9th at Dodge City Middle School.

The Horace Good Middle School orchestra students include: violin: 8th grade: Molly Smith, Arianna Martinez, Kimberly Contreras, Hunter Satoe, Kagome Bounpaseuth, Kayetie Vickers, Noemi Baltazar, and Mauro Lara. 7th grade: Sofia Madilo, John Nguyen, and Charlotte Cheney. Viola: 8th grade: Quinlynn Harms, Julissa Martin, Jade Garcia, and Lessly Canales. Cello: 8th grade: Ignacio Perez, Eric Vasquez, Cooper Frey, and Juliana Kramer. 7th grade: Joseph Miller and Braidyn Orebaugh. Bass: 8th grade: Devin Richters. 7th grade: Julia Facio, and Natalie Guevara Rios.

Summer Miller directs the Horace Good Middle School orchestra.

Kenneth Henderson Middle School 8th grade orchestra students include: Violin: Jalissa Martinez, Selena Nguyen, and Evelyn De Leon-Rodriguez. Viola: Ashley Kingstone, Jennifer Montes-Martinez, Perla Ruiz, Mariah Standley, and Saray Zepeda. Bass is Angeles Ortiz-Perez.

Haley Kistler directs the Kenneth Henderson Middle School orchestra.

Horace Good Middle School band students include: Flute: Natalie Reyes, Clarinet: Emma Lightner, Baritone Saxophone: Hayley Loya, Trumpet: Evelyn Arroyo-Granados, and Trombone: Sebatian Bonilla-Canales.

Kenneth Henderson Middle School band students include: Clarinet: Carmen Tewell, Riley Sekavec, and Pablo Aguilar-Solorzano; and Trumpet: Henry Bors.

Violet Dubois directs the middle school bands.