June 23, 2024

Class 1A to split in two divisions

Topeka, Kan. (KSHSAA)–Ballots from KSHSAA member schools on the proposal to modify Class 1A postseason competition in volleyball, basketball and scholars bowl were due November 15th.  Based on the response from the membership, the proposal received more than the 59 votes needed from 117 schools voting.  KSHSAA Bylaw Article XII, Section 4 requires a majority vote to approve changes to classifications.As a result, the proposal has passed.

Voting Results were as follows:
Class 1A
Yes = 70            No = 47

Proposal passes for the 2020-21 school year Class 1A postseason competition for volleyball, basketball and scholars bowl.

With this change in classification, the postseason format and calendar will change.  The Executive Board will approve the competition schedule/format at the January 15-16, 2020 meeting.  It is premature to believe the schedule/format will return to the exact same schedule/format followed when Class 1A previously  crowned two division champions. 

In 2009 class 1A voted to split into two divisions. In 2017 during the reclassification proposal, 1A was voted to be put back together for one class.