June 23, 2024


The Finney County Historical Society

The Finney County Historical Society’s Brown Bag Lunch and Evening at the Museum series of free lectures in Garden City will resume Jan. 8 with one program on health and another shortly afterward about art history.

The series includes Brown Bag sessions at noon on the second Wednesday of January, February, March and April, and additional segments at 7 p.m. the third Tuesday of the same months.  Those who attend are welcome to bring their own lunch or dinner, if desired. Presentations take place at the Finney County Museum, which provides beverages and dessert.

Admission is free, via the museum’s north entrance, with sessions taking place in the Mary Regan Conference Room.  Evening programs are sponsored by the Southern Council of the AT&T Pioneers.

The opening noon-hour session, “Re-Think Your Drink,” will be given Jan. 8 by Jennifer LaSalle, Finney County family and community wellness agent for the Kansas State University Research and Extension Service.

LaSalle earned a bachelor’s degree in home economics education at KSU and a master’s in education from Newman University.  She will share information on healthy beverages.

Subsequent noon programs, to be announced soon, are scheduled Feb. 12, March 11 and April 8.

The opening 7 p.m. segment is set for Jan. 21, offered by Dr. Conny Bogaard on the work of pioneering French Impressionist painter Claude Monet, 1840-1926.

The Denver Art Museum is presently showing a Monet exhibit entitled “The Truth of Nature,” incorporating work from Monet’s travels to the Normandy coast, Mediterranean, Norway, London and Bogaard’s homeland, the Netherlands.  She recently visited the display.

The presenter maintains a strong interest in museums and serves as executive director of the Western Kansas Community Foundation.  She holds a master of arts in art history and a doctorate in philosophy, aesthetics and art theory. She has given two previous presentations for the FCHS.

Subsequent 7 p.m. programs, also soon to be announced, will take place Feb. 18, March 17 and April 21.