June 19, 2024

Scott City wins 35th Scott City Wrestling Classic

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–The 35th Annual Scott City Wrestling Classic would produce some quality matches with quality wrestlers. Thirteen teams would make up this years tournament. For the first time, three mats were used in the brand new Scott Community Events Center. One team at the top was a familiar one in years past. Scott City would dominate, as they ran away for their first tournament title since 2016.

The Beavers would win six weight classes, running away with 262 points, while Larned finished second with 142, edging out Ulysses, who finished with 141 points in third place. 

Ulysses would win three weight classes, while Cimarron and Wichita County each won a weight division.

Ayston Perez from Ulysses had the fastest fall of the tournament, with a win in nine seconds, and Justus McDaniel was voted the tournament’s Most Outstanding Wrestler.

Team Scores
Scott City 262, Larned 142, Ulysses 141, Hugoton 80.5, Cimarron 80, Wichita County 74, Lakin 63.5, TMP-Marian 57, St. Francis 53, Russell 50, Holcomb 44, Stafford 31, Brewster 15

Top Six Placers
106 (Round Robin)
1. Quentin Pauda, Ulysses; 2. Austin Armstrong, Larned; 3. Evan Fry, Scott City; 4. Aaron Garcia, Cimarron; 5. Daisy Rayburn of Stafford

113 (Round Robin)
1. Dillen Hook, Larned; 2. Nathan Reimer, Lakin; 3. Braydon Binder, TMP-Marian; 4. Zach Roberts Scott City; 5. Luis Cruz, Hugoton

Championship: Brandon Roberts, Scott City, won by dec over Stephan Baldwin, Russell 3-2
3rd Place: Jonathan Lara, Ulysses, won by fall over Michael Saenz, Larned Jr. 1:59
5th Place: Zackary Zambrano, Hugoton, won by maj dec over Houston Hayes, Lakin, 10-0

Brandon Roberts, Scott City

Championship: Zach Rohrbough, Scott City, won by maj dec over Gatlin Hoch, Larned, 15-7
3rd Place: Kooper Hudsonpillar, TMP-Marian, won by fall over Gage Millershaski, Cimarron, 2:05
5th Place: Bly Gosch, Lakin, won by fall over Eli Mills, St. Francis, 0:53

Zach Rohrbough, Scott City

Championship: Jacob Windholz, Russell, won by dec over Garin Cooper, St. Francis, 6-2
3rd Place: Dylan Fulton, Scott City,. over Sebastian Munoz, Holcomb, 7-4
5th Place: Drake Anguiano, Ulysses won by forfeit over Kyron Koehn, Wichita County

138 (Round Robin)
1. Kaden Wren, Scott City; 2. Braydon Lemuz, Larned; 3. Adam Mendoza Hugoton; 4. Colby Johnson, Cimarron; 5. Shannon Rethke, St. Francis

Kaden Wren, Scott City

Championship: Justus McDaniel, Scott City, won by maj dec over Samajay Alboyd, Larned, 11-0
3rd Place: Colten Palmer, Brewster, won by dec over Edgar Ramirez, Holcomb, 2-1
5th Place: Kai Cosner, Holcomb won by inj def over Tristen Porter, Wichita County

Justus McDaniel, Scott City

Championship: Noah Kliesen, Scott City, won by dec over Michael Mendoza, Hugoton, 8-6
3rd Place: Kolby Johnson, Holcomb, won by dec over Kade Lovelady, Lakin, 12-7
5th Place: Luis Medellin, Scott City, won by inj def over Jayce Nider, St. Francis

Noah Kliesen, Scott City

Championship: Jesse Gardner, Wichita County, won by dec over Kyler Henry, Cimarron, 5-1
3rd Place: Dylan Gantz, Stafford, won by dec over Kale Wheeler, Scott City, SV-1 3-1
5th Place: Christian Harmon, Cimarron, won by fall over Aaron Degollado, Ulysses, 3:39

Championship: Tate Seabolt, Cimarron, won by dec over Caleb Vandegrift, Scott City, 3-1
3rd Place: Nakia Holmes, Ulysses, won by dec over Weston Pfeifer, TMP-Marian, 2:19
5th Place: Lance Miller, Scott City, won by fall over German Hernandez, Wichita County, 0:57

Championship: Cale Goodman, Scott City, won by inj def over Kayden Christiansen, Lakin, 5:47
3rd Place: Abraham Garcia, Hugoton, won by fall over Chandler Seaton, Wichita County, 2:09
5th Place: Carter Atteberry, Larned, won by dec over Caden McCandless, Stafford, 7-2

Cale Goodman, Scott City

195 (Round Robin)
1. Shadryon Blanka, St. Francis; 2. Alex Corpus, Ulysses; 3. Jeffery Nix, Scott City; 4. Adolfo Mendoza, Ulysses

Championship: Jace Garrison, Ulysses, won by fall over Hector Garcia, Larned, 3:03
3rd Place: Alonso Frances, Scott City, won by dec over Juan Mancillas, Wichita County, 4-2
5th Place: David Harman, Cimarron, won by fall over Cutter Hawks, Hugoton, 1:13

285 (Round Robin)
1. Ayston Perez, Ulysses; 2. Gabe Bowers, Scott City; 3. Jeison Coreno, Hugoton; 4. Marcus Lagree, TMP-Marian; 5. Max Self, Russell

Ayston Perez, Ulysses