May 24, 2024

SWMC Auxiliary celebrates community volunteers


Southwest Medical Center Auxiliary volunteers recognized 35 members for more than 87,300 combined hours of service to the hospital and the Liberal community during an awards ceremony on Thursday, January 16, 2020 at Southwest Medical Center.

Award recipients were presented by Auxiliary President, Connie McPhail, as follows: 100 hours – Phyllis Glunt, Elaine Schooley, Joycelyn Stephens; 200 hours – Ann Murphy, Anita Zielke; 400 hours – Judy Chance; 500 hours – Pam Holler & Jo Harrison; 600 hours – Pam Dorris & Linda McCullough; 700 hours – Don Devinney; 800 hours – Lila Hagaman, Susan James, Virginia McNitt, & Jill Pittman; 1,000 hours – Mickey Durbin, Janet Freeman; 1,100 hours – Juneil McQueen; 1,300 hours – Sue Farmer; 1,800 hours – Mary Amerin & Katie Berg; 2,000 hours – Velma Colter; 2,300 hours – Marilyn Thompson; 2,600 hours – Judy Shelman; 3,900 hours – Cheryl Carson & Jonice Oblander; 4,300 hours – Mary Downs; 5,100 hours – Aneta Compton; 6,000 hours – Sharon Garcia, Saundra Koochel; 6,100 hours – Linda Staiger; 8,900 hours – Jana Widener; 10,000 hours – Connie McPhail; 11,000 hours – Susan Zielke; honorable mentions – Janeth Vazquez, Rachel Downing; and “Too Many to Count” – Kay Hay.

Southwest Medical Center Auxiliary President, Connie McPhail, thanked volunteers for their continued efforts in serving the patients and families who visit Southwest Medical Center, as well as raising funds for special purchases in the hospital through work in the Auxiliary’s gift shop and snack bar.

The Auxiliary announced the Auxiliary Board members will remain the same for 2020. These members include: Connie McPhail, President; Jo Harrison, 1st Vice-President; Juneil McQueen, Secretary; and Jana Widener, Treasurer.

The Southwest Medical Center Auxiliary welcomes volunteers of all ages to become involved in serving Southwest Medical Center. The annual membership fee for the Auxiliary is $10, which is applied towards medical scholarships. Those interested in becoming a member can contact the SWMC Gift Shop at (620) 629-6899 for more information.