GCHS Forensics Team Qualifies Students For State

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The Garden City High School forensics team competed at Southwestern Heights High School on Thursday, January 30th and Holcomb High School on Saturday, February 1st for the opening of the season. There were a number of students that qualified for KSHSAA State Speech/Drama in May. 

The team placed third in school sweepstakes at Southwestern Heights High School.  Students that placed during the tournament and qualified for state competition include: Jessica Angulo, 1st Dramatic Interpretation, Riley Metheney, 2nd Prose and 2nd Informative, and Taylor Newsome, 2nd Program Interpretation. 

Other students that placed at the Southwestern Heights High School competition include: Jessica Angulo, 4th POI, Nicole Medina, 7th Oration, Natalie Radke/Chelsea Valadez, 4th Duo, Isabella Martinez, 7th Poetry, Kassandra Martinez/Nicole Medina, 5th Duo Interpretation, and Anne Lofquist, 5th Dramatic Interpretation. 

The team placed first in school sweepstakes at Holcomb.  Students that placed during the tournament and qualified for state competition include: Melanie Varela, 1st Extemporaneous Speaking, Jyothi Kalarikkal, 1st Humorous Interpretation, Melanie Varela/Natalie Radke, 1st Duo Interpretation, Kira Roth, 1st Oration, Johb Silva, 1st Program Interpretation, Johb Silva/Maddie Stout, 2nd Duo Interpretation, Taylor Newsome, 2nd POI, Jessica Angulo, 2nd DI, and Jaelyn Grim, 2nd Impromptu.

Students that placed at the Holcomb competition include: Jyothi Kalarikkal, 6th Oration, Taylor Newsome, 3rd Extemporaneous Speaking, Jessica Angulo, 3rd Program Interpretation, Akasha Schnaithman/Chelsea Valadez, 3rd Duo Interpretation, Anna Lobmeyer, 3rd Oration, 5th Humorous Interpretation, Aley Cannaley, 3rd Oration,

Chelsea Valadez, 3rd Prose and 4th Oration, Gunner Newberry, 4th Extemporaneous, Maddie Stout, 4th Program Interpretation, Anne Lofquist, 4th DI and 5th Program Interpretation, Natalie Radke, 5th Impromptu, and Kassandra Martinez, 7th Dramatic Interpretation.

Russ Tidwell coaches forensics at Garden City High School.