June 23, 2024

Scott City wins third straight GWAC wrestling title

Goodland, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–Entering Saturdays Great West Activities Conference wrestling tournament in Goodland, it looked to be a three-team race for the top spot in the league between Colby, Scott City and Ulysses. Four duals in, Colby and Scott City remained the lone unbeaten teams. Colby would dominate early on, but the Beavers would win five consecutive matches to remain on top of the league, and knock off the Eagles 40-30. It was Scott City’s third consecutive league title. Ulysses would take the third place spot, with a good day at 3-2. 

It would be the final regular season tournament for all the teams, as they get ready for regionals February 21-22. Colby and Scott City head to the Class 4A Concordia Regional, Holcomb, Hugoton and Ulysses will go to the Class 4A Wellington Regional, and Goodland heads to the Class 321A Norton Regional.

For the Beavers, they would win eight of the weight classes, winning every weight class from 126-182, with the exception of 138, where they were open. They also won the 285 pound weight class. Zach Rohrbough at 126, Dylan Fulton at 132, Justus McDaniel at 145, Noah Kliesen at 152, Kale Wheeler at 160, Caleb Vandegrift at 170, Cale Goodman at 182 and Gabe Bowers at 285 went 5-0 on the day for Scott City. McDaniel won his 100th career match during the tournament. 

Ulysses would win three of the weight classes, as Quentin Pauda at 106, Jagger Reese at 138 and Jace Garrison at 220, went 5-0 and were tournament champions. 

Colby won the other three weight classes.

Team Records
Scott City 5-0, Colby 4-1, Ulysses 3-2, Goodland 2-3, Hugoton 1-4, Holcomb 0-5

Dual Scores
Goodland 52, Holcomb 9; Colby 51, Ulysses 21; Scott City 69, Hugoton 9; Scott City 55, Goodland 24; Colby 66, Hugoton 6; Ulysses 54, Holcomb 21; Colby 53, Goodland 15; Scott City 78, Holcomb 6; Ulysses 57, Hugoton 9; Goodland 51, Hugoton 12; Colby 60, Holcomb 15; Scott City 53, Ulysses 24

Top 3 Medalists
1. Quentin Pauda, Ulysses; 2. DJ Knox, Goodland; 3. Evan Fry, Scott City

 Quentin Pauda, Ulysses

1. Aiden Cook, Colby; 2. Octavio Gonzalez, Goodland; 3. Kobe Chavez, Ulysses

1. Tyler Voss, Colby; 2. Brandon Roberts, Scott City

1. Zacy Rohrbough, Scott City; 2. Trey Stramel, Colby; 3. Chris Harris, Holcomb

1. Dylan Fulton, Scott City; 2. Sebastian Munoz, Holcomb; 3. Keden Frahm, Colby

1. Jagger Reese, Ulysses; 2. Mason Hernandez, Goodland; 3. Adam Mendoza, Hugoton

1. Justus McDaniel, Scott City; 2. Isaiah Shineette, Goodland; 3. Johnny Lazano, Goodland

Justus McDaniel, Scott City

1. Noah Kliesen, Scott City; 2. Michael Mendoza, Hugoton; 3. Wyatt Tubbs, Colby

Noah Kliesen, Scott City

1. Kale Wheeler, Scott City; 2. Nakia Holmes, Ulysses; 3. Blake Livengood, Goodland

1. Caleb Vandegrift, Scott City; Cade Lanning, Colby; 3. Mason Murray, Goodland

Caleb Vandegrift, Scott City

1. Cale Goodman, Scott City; 2. Nick Rehmer, Colby; 3. Adolfo Mendoza, Ulysses

Cale Goodman, Scott City

1. Hagan Booi, Colby; 2. Dawson Holub, Goodland; 3. Jeffery Nix, Scott City

1. Jace Garrison, Ulysses; 2. Rowdy Farr, Colby; 3. Alonso Frances, Scott City

1. Gabe Bowers, Scott City; 2. Declan Ryan, Colby; 3. Gerardo Rubio, Hugoton