June 12, 2024

COVID-19 Statement from GCCC President Dr. Ryan Ruda

To the Buster community: 

Garden City Community College has been closely monitoring news and reports related to the spread of COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus disease. As new information becomes available daily, we continue to work proactively to respond in the best interest of our students, employees, and community. To this end, our leadership team (representing many facets of our campus) has been working diligently to develop contingency plans that ensure we are able to deliver services while simultaneously prioritizing health and safety. 

In order to minimize the spread of the virus, Garden City Community College is implementing an extended Spring Break that will be in effect for the week of March 23-29, 2020.

Following this extended break, all classes will move to online format starting March 30. More information regarding these specific dates and procedures are detailed below. 

Please note, on campus students who have departed for our normal Spring Break (March 16-20) SHOULD NOT return until further announcements are made by GCCC. We intend to make an announcement by April 6, or much earlier, as we receive new information from health officials regarding the spread of COVID-19.

In the interest of campus safety and security, students living on campus who have chosen not to leave for Spring Break are strongly encouraged to return home at this time. Further information regarding Residential Life is also available below.

Additionally, Broncbuster Athletics is following direction from the NJCAA. The NJCAA is suspending all competition beginning March 14 through April 3. Our athletics department will keep a close eye on the direction of the KJCCC and NJCAA to determine best courses of action moving forward. At GCCC, all athletic practices are cancelled at this time through April 6 until further announcements are made.

Please review the following dates and procedures:

  • MARCH 16-20: These dates represent our normally scheduled Spring Break. No classes will be held during this time and the campus will be closed, per our normal schedule, on March 19-20.
  • MARCH 23-29: We will be extending Spring Break for our students taking regular, face-to-face classes. Students SHOULD NOT return to campus at this time.  
    • Campus will open March 23, as normally scheduled, for employees running GCCC’s daily operations.
    • Online classes that were originally scheduled to resume March 23 will resume as normal.
    • Faculty will be utilizing this extended Spring Break period to work on transitioning their face-to-face classes into online delivery. This will happen under the direction of academic deans, division directors, and other professional staff. Faculty are encouraged to deliver coursework through online methods and communication structures that ensure the greatest success for students.
  • MARCH 30: Classes will resume for all students through online formats.
    • Students are required to stay off campus and to communicate directly with teaching staff regarding coursework and assignments though online methods (Bustermail, Canvas, etc.). Non-teaching campus operations will continue, as normally scheduled.
    • Students in technical education programs should communicate directly with their program directors and instructors regarding classroom requirements and instruction.
  • April 6 (or earlier): Having assessed changes in the COVID-19 landscape up to this date, GCCC leadership will make further announcements about the remainder of the semester
  • April 13: Face-to-face classes may or may not resume dependent on decisions made by GCCC leadership and in the best interest of the campus community.

Please also note:

  • All GCCC dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment classes that take place at our high school partners will continue as normal unless schedule changes are announced by individual school districts.
  • All GCCC-sponsored on campus events are cancelled through April 6.
  • All other public, on-campus community events are cancelled through April 6.
  • Our GCCC Endowment Auction, originally scheduled March 27, will not be held as scheduled. More information will be announced at a future date.

In these unprecedented times, we are all being asked to make difficult decisions that affect the everyday lives of our students, our employees, and the lives of their families. Please know we will share more information as we learn more and respond in a timely manner.

This and other updates will be shared on our COVID-19 webpage (https://www.gcccks.edu/news/covid19.aspx), through Bustermail, media releases, our RAVE emergency alert system, social media, and any other methods at our disposal. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to practice prevention methods to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and keep our communities safe. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Sincerely, Dr. Ryan Ruda

GCCC President


Additional Information for Residential Life/On-Campus Students

In the interest of taking additional health measures and to reduce overall risk, Residential Life encourages all students remaining on campus to make plans to return home as soon as possible and officially check-out of their respective rooms with a staff member.

However, we also understand that not all GCCC students have a home to return to or have individual situations that must be addressed by Residential Life staff. GCCC dorms will remain open during this time, and students with individual needs will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

These GCCC students should immediately check-in at the Residence Life Office in the Beth Tedrow Student Center. They will be provided with further instructions and guidance including cafeteria hours and any additional resources they need.

Students that have already left campus for break are not to return to campus to check-out at this time. Further information, dates, and procedures for check out or possible move out will be provided as soon as possible. Residence Life staff and GCCC Campus Police will remain on campus and will continue to monitor safety and security.

For more information, contact Residential Life Director Christine Dillingham, at christine.dillingham@gcccks.edu or 620-276-9642.