June 20, 2024

Dodge City closing public facilities in response to coronavirus

DODGE CITY, Kansas — Out of the utmost care and concern for our community and in an abundance of public caution, the City of Dodge City is taking several proactive steps to combat and limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic locally. The following information is being updated continuously and re-evaluated.

Effective March 17, 2020, the following City facilities will be closed to the public, but employees are working and available by phone for questions:

  • Animal Shelter – 620-225-1567;
  • City Hall/Municipal Court – 620-225-8100 and 620-225-8107;
  • CREW Recycling – 620-225-8148 (drop-off only, elderly and disabled by appointment only);
  • Dodge City Convention & Visitors Bureau Center – 225-8186 ; 
  • Hennessey Hall – call the parks department at 620-225-8160;
  • Mariah Hills Golf Course – 620-225-8182;
  • Santa Fe Depot – CVB Offices – 620-225-8218/Economic Development Office – 620-227-9501/Chamber of Commerce Office 620-227-3119/ and Public Transit Offices – 877-323-3626 or 620-225-8119 ;
  • Wright Park Zoo –  call the parks department at 620-225-8160;
  • Why Not Dodge Facilities including Dodge City Raceway Park, Athletic Complex Facilities, and United Wireless Arena – Call City Hall at 620-225-8100
  • Utility Billing – 620-225-8111

No City parks are being closed at this time. Though following Gov. Kelly’s executive order, there shall be no gatherings over 50 people. 

This may be re-evaluated if additional positive COVID-19 cases are reported in Ford County, however. As of the release of this statement, Ford County officials have confirmed one positive case within the county and have stated that the individual is in quarantine. Please refer to fordcounty.net for more information regarding this case.

“These closures are to protect the most vulnerable members of our community and preserve access to key backup facilities in the case of an emergency shelter need,” said City Manager Cherise Tieben. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause and hope these closures are temporary.”

“An overabundance of caution is vital at this point. We would rather do too much and in the end not know if it was necessary, rather than do too little, and the effects be abundantly apparent.”