June 23, 2024

The Central Avenue Reconstruction Project Update

City of Dodge City

DODGE CITY, KANSAS – The Central Avenue Reconstruction Project is in its final stages and will soon be complete with permanent striping and a change to two-way traffic. Depending upon the weather, the both the striping and traffic signal contractors plan to be in town to complete work either Monday, March 16, or Tuesday, March 17. Striping work is expected to take two days to complete. Once complete, the street will officially switch to two-way traffic.

To prep drivers and let all on the roadway know when the change is made, there will be message boards set up at Comanche St. and (location for the southern board). The boards will announce first that two-way traffic is coming in the next week, then once striping & traffic signal work is complete, it will change to, “Two-Way Traffic, Keep Right,” and will serve as the official announcement that the change is complete. 

The date of completion and traffic change is entirely dependent on the weather. We will notify through as many avenues as possible if a significant change happens with the timeline. Watch the City of Dodge City Facebook page and sign up for our Community Newsletter at https://www.dodgecity.org/list.aspx.