June 19, 2024

GCCC Board Unanimously Approves Settlement Agreement


[Garden City, KS] April 22, 2020 – The Garden City Community College Board of Trustees met for a special meeting Wednesday.

The purpose of the special meeting was for the consideration and approval of a settlement agreement in a pending federal district court lawsuit. Trustees approved the agreement by unanimous vote.

Following the vote, Board Chairman Dr. Blake Wasinger read the following statement:

“GCCC and the Board of Trustees acknowledge that several events have occurred in previous years which led to concerns among employees. GCCC and the Board understand that some members of its faculty and staff felt their voices were not heard at the time when issues were raised about the management and operation of GCCC.

Once apprised of the issues, the Board engaged and reviewed them. GCCC and the Board respect all employees and acknowledge that processes are in place for grievances and concerns to be brought forward. GCCC has worked closely with faculty and staff and has implemented changes to some policies. GCCC is committed to a culture of respect and cooperation with its faculty, staff, and the community to uphold the institution’s core values of trust, collegiality, and transparency.

GCCC, the Board, faculty, and staff remain committed to working collaboratively, moving the College forward with a sense of unity. GCCC and the Board acknowledge the difficulty and courage it took for the litigants to step forward as well as the risk to personal and professional reputation each endured. The College does not condone conduct that could damage the reputation of GCCC or its employees. GCCC and the Board understand that processes for grievances and stakeholder input are vital to continuous improvement.

We acknowledge that employees are essential to GCCC and our mission of producing positive contributors to society and being student-centered. Moving forward, the Board affirms to continue fulfilling its duties and responsibilities to GCCC employees, students, and the community.

GCCC will continue to be guided by the commitment that students come first, and that GCCC will be a safe environment for competing viewpoints, religious faiths, and diversity, and all will be dedicated to the principles of equity.”

Garden City Community College exists to produce positive contributors to the economic and social well-being of society.