June 20, 2024

Marshall Applauds President’s Action to Keep Plants Open

GARDEN CITY – On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would utilize the Defense Production Act to declare meat-processing plants as critical infrastructure. This action will allow plants in Kansas and across the country to remain open, preventing further disruptions to our food supply and ensuring the continuation of the nation’s livestock industry.

“It is extremely important for our state and everyone involved in the livestock industry that our packing plants remain open,” said U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D. “I applaud President Trump’s actions and the work by the administration to not only ensure the safety of our front-line employees, but also the continuation of the processing plants across the U.S.”

Rep. Marshall has been in contact with representatives from each of the four beef packing plants located in the First Congressional District since the outbreak started in southwest Kansas. This week he has toured a meat processing facility, meet with community medical staff and inspected the COVID-19 testing procedures each community has put in place for its residents.

During a phone call Tuesday with members of the House Agriculture Committee, USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue noted the order would keep open plants operational and work to safely re-open any plants that have already suspended production.

“The CDC, State of Kansas, Kansas National Guard, local communities and private industry are all doing an exceptional job to ramp up testing efforts and establish additional procedures to protect the health and safety of front line employees across the state,” said Rep. Marshall.