Garden City High School Graduation Date Planned

USD 457

The Class of 2020 graduation will probably look different than those of the past.  Graduating amid a pandemic shouldn’t make the day any less special.  Graduation is still something to celebrate and we all know that the seniors have worked hard to get to where they are over the last decade.

The Garden City High School administration has set a date for the commencement exercises for the 133rd Garden City High School senior class.  The date for graduation for the Class of 2020 has been planned to take place July 17-19.  The district will be working closely with the Finney County Health Department to determine what type of ceremony will be allowed to take place on those dates.

The senior class voted to go with a traditional graduation ceremony.  The next choice would be to hold smaller graduation ceremonies for the class.  The school administration worked with a number of seniors and parents that formulated options for a graduation ceremony. 

The originally scheduled ceremony was postponed due to the school facilities being closed across the state as part of the Governor’s plan to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  All school facilities in the district, including playground equipment, continue to be closed to the public.