June 12, 2024

iPad Return Scheduled For District

USD 457

Garden City Public Schools has set the dates for students to return their iPads back to the schools. Each building will have a designated point for parents to drop-off the devices.

During the drop-off process, parents will need to provide their student’s name and passcode to unlock the device.  Staff will visually inspect the device for any damage and then ask parents to place the iPad into a labeled plastic bag.  Parents of 2nd – 4th grades and 7th and 8th grade students will then be asked to drop the device’s charger into a box and the cable into a separate box. 

All students will need to return the iPads no later than May 22nd.  Graduating seniors will have the opportunity to purchase their iPad.  Damaged or late returns may be subject to a fee.  Schools will have more information regarding the iPad return process. 

The iPad return schedule is as follows:

May 12

Garden City Alternate Education Center – 12th Grade Only

May 13-15

Garden City High School – 12th Grade Only

May 20-22

Alta Brown Elementary

Abe Hubert Elementary

Buffalo Jones Elementary

Edith Scheuerman Elementary

Florence Wilson Elementary

Georgia Matthews Elementary

Gertrude Walker Elementary

Jennie Barker Elementary

Jennie Wilson Elementary

Plymell Elementary

Victor Ornelas Elementary

Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center

Charles O. Stones Intermediate Center

Horace Good Middle School

Kenneth Henderson Middle School

Garden City High School

Garden City Alternate Education Center

All school facilities in the district, including playground equipment, continue to be closed to the public.