July 16, 2024

Kijiji’s New Adventure

Lee Richardson Zoo

Kijiji, a giraffe calf born at Lee Richardson Zoo in July of 2018, has headed off on a new adventure.  On Tuesday, April 28, the young female walked into a trailer and headed for the Oakland Zoo where she’ll join other giraffes.  Lee Richardson Zoo staff worked with the calf for months to ease the process of loading onto the trailer.  She’ll be missed by staff and guests alike. 

The move is part of the AZA’s Giraffe Species Survival Plan which coordinates population management for the species within member institutions of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and works to enhance conservation of the species in the wild.  In the wild, giraffe populations have decreased by 40% over the last thirty years due to poaching and habitat destruction.  Together AZA members and their partners are working to help save giraffes through education, scientific research, field work, public awareness and action. 

Cleo and Juani, the calf’s parents, still reside at the zoo.  Staff are monitoring the progress of Cleo’s second pregnancy.  Kijiji was the first offspring for the pair.  To learn more about giraffe, visit Lee Richardson Zoo’s website (leerichardsonzoo.org) or Giraffe Conservation Foundation (giraffeconservation.org).