SCCC to continue emergency remote instruction for summer term


LIBERAL, Kan.  —  Summer classes at Seward County Community College will continue in the emergency remote instruction format, announced dean of arts and sciences Luke Dowell. The college’s academic affairs team made the decision as COVID-19 positive test results continue to increase in Seward County. 

“After speaking with our instructors, we have concluded this is wisest for our community,” Dowell said. “Everyone is eager for life to go back to what is more familiar, but it’s more important to protect the health of our students, staff and faculty.”

“In Seward County, we are a bit behind the progression seen in other regions of the state, and that isn’t something to take lightly,” said SCCC President, Dr. Ken Trzaska. “At this point, our first concern is health and wellbeing of all our Saints family.”

Summer sessions at SCCC run on three separate schedules and are typically offered on campus Monday through Thursday. The emergency remote model can be accessed at any time of day, Dowell noted, but will still require students to put in significant time each day in order to cover all the material. 

“The summer sessions have typically been a way for students to get ahead of the game in terms of those gen-ed classes like English Comp, public speaking, and algebra,” said Dowell. “It takes focus, but when the class is complete, there’s still time to enjoy a break, and have something to show for the summer.” Courses in subjects from general education to allied health prerequisites and more are slated to begin at the end of May. 

“We will not have any classes requiring students to come on campus for labs. Human Anat-omy, will be taught entirely online,” Dowell said. “Some courses will still require students to be available for zoom sessions at specific times, while others will not require that. Contacting instructors is still the best way for students to find out about the specific requirements for each course.”

Enrollment can be completed online, via the SCCC main webpage, An instructional video is archived on the SCCC marketing and PR site,

First Summer Term: (Monday – Thursday) May 26 – June 25

Second Summer Term: (Monday – Thursday) June 1 – June 25

Third Summer Term: (Monday – Thursday) June 29 – July 23 

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