Office of the Senate President

TOPEKA, KS – The Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee met at the State Capitol today to send S Sub for HB 2118 and HB 2446 to the Senate floor. This legislation will provide relief to Kansans worried about paying their income and property taxes on time due to COVID-19. The measures would guarantee much needed deadline delays regardless of whether an Emergency Declaration is in effect in Kansas.  

Senate President Susan Wagle congratulated the committee and its Chair, Caryn Tyson, for conducting a thorough, in person public hearing saying, “I certainly appreciate the fact that the committee conducted the meeting safely and got the work done. There is no reason property tax relief should not have been provided before the deadline.”

The package will delay property tax deadlines, with no penalties or interest, until August 10, 2020 and ensure income tax deadlines remain extended through July 15, 2020. The tax transparency portion makes it mandatory to inform taxpayers if a rate increase will occur. The final language also doesn’t allow counties to increase appraisals for normal home maintenance and repairs. 

Assessment and Tax Committee Chair Caryn Tyson has championed tax transparency throughout the 2020 legislative session.  “We’re all very fortunate to have dedicated committee members who understand the value of providing tax transparency and improving the appeal process. Kansans need and deserve this relief, especially now,” says Tyson.

Property taxes in Kansas increased 164% from 1997 to 2018.  The rate of inflation during that time period was only 49.5%, according to the Kansas Department of Revenue.  

Senate President Wagle says the problem clearly precedes COVID-19 and is proud of the forward-looking legislation. “Senior citizens living on a fixed income are, in some cases, paying the same amount they paid in a mortgage payment before they owned their home. They need relief. Young people trying to build a future also need relief.  Property taxes should not stop Kansans from the American dream of owning a home,” says Wagle.