February 28, 2024

Scott City tennis 2nd at home invitational

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–It was a nice Monday for tennis, as nine schools made up of this years Scott City Invitational meet held at the tennis courts by Scott City Middle School. Two of the schools would find themselves competing for the top spot in the tournament, as Colby would edge defending champion Scott City by one point in the team standings. Greeley County finished in third and Cimarron in fourth. It’s a meet that saw all the GWAC schools compete in, and a good chance that most of the schools would return for not only the GWAC meet October 5, but also regionals on October 9.

Scott City would get wins from both of their doubles teams. The No. 1 Doubles team of Sadie Hermosillo/Bella Myers rallied from a 5-4 deficit in the finals to win their last match and repeat as tournament champions, while the No. 2 Doubles team of Rhiley Stoppel/Madison Westergard won their division. Malorie Cupp took third at No. 1 Singles, and at No. 2 Singles, Laia Mur finished in second.

Scott City will be at the Garden City Invitational on Saturday.

Team Score
Colby 63, Scott City-Blue 62, Greeley County 46, Cimarron 42, Liberal 30, Ashland 23, Garden City 20, Goodland 8, Scott City-White 6, Ulysses 3

No. 1 Singles
1. Mackenzie Dodson, Colby; 2. Kyra Nolan, Greeley County; 3. Malorie Cupp, Scott City Blue; 4. Victoria Milburn, Ashland, 5. Jaciana Rivera, Liberal, 6. Mariana Mendoza, Cimarron; 7. Bella Ayala, Garden City; 8. Shamira Findley, Ulysses; 9. Ximena Garcia, Scott City-White

No. 1 Doubles
1. Sadie Hermosillo/Bella Myers, Scott City-Blue; 2. Kaitlynn Faber/Dani Schroeder, Colby’ 3. Emily Goetz/Elizabeth Goetz, Cimarron; 4. Riddhi Bombaywala/Briana Sanders, Liberal; 5. Alivia Palmer/Payton Tull, Garden City; 6. Josey Schmidt/Macie Lehman, Greeley County; 7. Raylee Johnson/Jackie Amaya, Ashland; 8. Chelsey Knitig/Atalee Amthor, Goodland; 9. Brynna Burnett/Haileigh Hickert, Scott City-White; 10. Cindy Cortez/Talya Martinez, Ulysses

No. 2 Singles
1. Samantha Diederich, Colby; 2. Laia Mur Cases, Scott City-Blue; 3. Kylie Guessen, Greeley County; 4. Harley Wilson, Ashland; 5. Katie Classen, Liberal; 6. Andreinna Aguilar, Garden City; 7. Keira Buchholz, Cimarron; 8. Misti Wick, Scott City-White; 9. Harley Ewalt, Ulysss

No. 2 Doubles
1. Madison Westergard/Rhiley Stoppel, Scott City; 2. Kalli Knobbe/Peyton Walk, Greeley County; 3. Hayden Bellamy/Cassandra Zimmerman, Colby; 4. Mariah Dechant/Sadie Jantz, Cimarron; 5. Hailey Kent/Eve Cole, Goodland; 6. Leydali Enrizuez/Jenny Monson, Garden City; 7. Lanee Harp/Sulen Hernandez, Liberal; 8. Hailee Amerine/Kennedy Wasinger, Scott City-White

Madison Westergard and Rhiley Stoppel

Coach Cheryl Kucharik