Cimarron girls 3rd at state golf; area golfers earn top 20 placing

Cheney, Kan. (–Tuesday wrapped up the final day of the Class 3-2-1A State Golf meet held at Cherry Oaks Golf Course in Cheney. Tuesday’s golf would see another cool day of golf, but some shuffling among the leader board that involved area athletes.

Cimarron would finish third as a team, behind Colby and state champion St. Mary’s Colgan from Pittsburg. The top two placers in the state came from the Colby regional last week, as Anna Starbuck, a freshman, won the state meet with a two-day total of 158.

Two area golfers finished in the top 10, as Hugoton’s Gillian Heger had a two day score of 184, good for seventh, and Morgan Herkelman from Cimarron was 10th, with a score of 186. Just missing the top 10 was Hannah Lampe of Syracuse, who placed 11th, and Jenna Seabolt of Cimarron was 16th.

Team Scores
St. Mary’s Colgan 713, Colby 735, Cimarron 779, Caney Valley 795, Cheney 797, Silver Lake 808, Hoisington 827, Santa Fe Trail 892, Goodland 920

Top 20 Individual
1. Anna Starbuck, Colby, 158; 2. Corbyn Marquess, Plainville, 165; 3. Ali Scripsick, St. Mary’s Colgan 172; 4. Riley Root, St. Mary’s Colgan 176; 5. Greta Ison, St. Mary’s Colgan, 179; 6. Laci Davenport, Osage City 184; 7. Gillian Heger, Hugoton, 184; 8. Brinley Sims, Colby, 185; 9. Brenn Beykirch, St. Mary’s Colgan, 186; 10. Morgan Herkelman, Cimarron, 186; 11. Hannah Lampe, Syracuse, 186; 12. Braegan Buessing, Santa Fe Trail, 188; 13. Jalyn Turner, Cheney, 188; 14. Zelpha Estes, Fredonia, 192; 15. Emma Hockett, Caney Valley, 192; 16. Jenna Seabolt, Cimarron, 192; 17. Kyla Hay, Silver Lake, 193; 18. Mya Betz, Colby, 194; 19. Halley Jones, Cheney, 194; 20. Brianna Green, Frontenac, 195

Other Area Results
23. Kennedy Jarnagin, Cimarron, 198; 33. Brayclen Lynn, Cimarron, 203; 37. Paige Prewit, Scott City, 207; 45. Brielle Lynn, Cimarron, 216