February 27, 2024

City of Dodge City Commission sets plan to fill a vacancy

City of Dodge City

DODGE CITY, Kansas — The City of Dodge City Commissioners established at their December 21, 2020, meeting the process they will take to fill the board’s recent vacancy. An application for a special appointment to the City Commission will be available for residents to submit for consideration by the Commission.

The application will be available online at the City’s https://www.dodgecity.org/54/City-Commission; copies will also be available by request to be picked up at City Hall at 806 N 2nd Ave by appointment by calling (620) 225-8100. The deadline to apply for consideration will be January 15, 2021, at noon.

The Commission will review applications received at their January 19 meeting to select applicants for the interview process, which will take place during a work session on February 1. Both the application review and the interviews will be livestreamed on the City of Dodge City Facebook page and Vimeo Page.

For more information on the process, or to find out more about City Commissioner’s responsibilities, contact City Manager Nick Hernandez at 620-225-8100 or nickh@dodgecity.org.