April 21, 2024

KSHSAA BOD Meeting: Two Parents/Guardians Allowed to Attend

(Courtesy of the Kansas State High School Actitivies Association)

TOPEKA, Kan. – The KSHSAA Board of Directors met virtually Tuesday at the request of the Appeal Board to reconsider their position on spectators for the winter activity season. By a vote of 54-24, the KSHSA BOD approved the motion: Effective Thursday, December 10 through January 28, 2021, interscholastic activities will allow for attendance of up to two parents/guardians per participant(s) family as allowed by local board of education or health department restrictions.

Participants include:

  1. Players
  2. Coaches
  3. Student Managers
  4. Cheer Squads
  5. Dance Teams
  6. Pep Bands
  7. Student Journalism

Each school is expected to follow to the universal face coverings and social distancing guidelines passed by the KSHSAA BOD on November 24.

Face Coverings: All participants (including but not limited to athletes, coaches, officials, spectators, support staff and all others attending/participating in school activities) shall wear a face covering in the manner it is intended to be worn (for purpose of COVID-19 risk mitigation) while at the event venue and for duration of the event. The only exception is provided for athletes during the time they are competing and for officials during active play.

Full Minutes from KSHSAA BOD Meeting – Dec.8