February 28, 2024

New Recycling Center Location Set to Open

City of Dodge City

DODGE CITY, Kansas — The City of Dodge City CREW Recycling Center is set to officially operate out of its new location at 124 N 14th Avenue beginning January 4, 2021. This move will also see the closure of the 24-hour drop off bins at the old Civic Center location.

“The new building has more space to sort recyclable materials and store properly and will allow us to store loads of recycling longer to maximize our use of the market,” said Public Works Director Corey Keller. “This move to a larger location has been a long-time coming and will continue to help us grow our recycling efforts.”

The new location located at the corner of 14th and Park Street will be open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm. There will also be bins available for 24-hour drop-off.

“An important part of making the new location a success is the cooperation of those bringing items to the center by presorting materials, cleaning them of food waste, and not combining trash with the materials,” Keller said. “Please take the time to get to know what items can be taken to the recycle center. For instance, not all plastics are recyclable; CREW currently only takes #1 PET and #2 HDPE plastics, #3 thru #7 plastics are not accepted. When #3 thru #7 plastics are brought to the recycling center, it takes the staff a lot of time to sort and throw the items away.”

For more information on the materials accepted at the CREW Recycling Center, contact Public Works at 620-225-8170, or visit the City’s website at www.dodgecity.org