May 22, 2024

Scott City wins 36th Annual Scott City Wrestling Classic

Scott City, Kan. (–Saturday’s 36th Annual Scott City Wrestling Classic proved to big a big tournament for many of the schools who were able to compete. With districts just three weeks away, schools were able to match up and see wrestlers they may not face until the posteason run that will begin February 6.

In the end, Scott City picked up two tournament titles and their depth helped them defend their title, as they won their second tournament of the year, defeating Ulysses. Wichita County would finish in third place and Larned came in fourth in the 12-school tournament.

Both Ulysses and Wichita County would take three weight classes, while Scott City won two. Quentin Pauda from Ulysses was voted the tournament’s Outsanding Wrestler, and Gabe Bowers from Scott City had the fastest pin of the tournament, winning in 10 seconds.

Team Scores
Scott City 237.5, Ulysses 187, Wichita County 114, Larned 88, Liberal 82, Russell 65, Holcomb 61.5, Lakin 61, Cimarron 48, Hugoton 39.5, St. Francis 25, TMP-Marian 15, Scott City JV 10

Final Results
106 (Round Robin)
1. Erik Garcia, Cimarron; 2. Evan Fry, Scott City; 3. Dameon Duran, Liberal; 4. Josue Perez, Lakin; 5. Jameson Smith, Larned; 6. Cristian Don Juan, Hugoton

1st Place: Kobe Chavez, Ulysses; won by fall over Ayden Presson, Scott City, 2:29
3rd Place: Zane Poulson, Hugoton, won by dec over Joel Barrera, Wichita Couty, 6-3
5th Place: Aaron Garcia, Cimarron, won by fall over Julian Covarrubias, Liberal, 1:20

Kobe Chavez, Ulysses

120 (Round Robin)
1. Quentin Pauda, Ulysses; 2. Dillen Hook, Larned; 3. Collin McDaniel, Scott City; 4. Seamus Holmes, TMP-Marian; 5. Kohl Nuss, Russell; 6th. Josh Kasselman, Scott City JV

Quentin Pauda, Ulysses

1st Place: Jonathan Lara, Ulysses, won by dec over Greg Martinez, Holcomb, 7-3
3rd Place: Wyatt Gardner, Wichita County, won by maj dec over Cole Krug, Ulysses, 13-3
5th Place: Braydon Binder, TMP Marian, won by fall over Zach Roberts, Scott City, 4:30

1st Place: Zach Rohrbough, Scott City, won by dec over Gatlin Hoch, Larned, 6-2
3rd Place: Dominic Eddie, Ulysses, won by fall over Jacob Ney, Russell, 1:27
5th Place: Braysen Salinas, Ulysses, won by maj dec over Chris Harris, Holcomb, 9-1

Zach Rohrbough, Scott City

138 (Round Robin)
1. Koby Salas, Ulysses; 2. Houston Frank, Scott City; 3. Bly Gosch, Lakin; 4. Tommy McClure, Liberal; 5. Matthew Vahling, TMP Marian

1st Place: Adam Mendoza, Hugoton, won by dec over Connor Armendariz, Scott City, 6-2
3rd Place: Cristobal Sanchez, Liberal, won by inj def over Curtis Beam, Lakin
5th Place: Eli Anguiano, Ulysses, won by fall over Shannon Rethke, St. Francis, 1:43

1st Place: Tristen Porter, Wichita County, won by maj dec over Edgar Ramirez, Holcomb, 9-1
3rd Place: Dylan Fulton, Scott City, won by fall over Eli Greene, Cimarron, 2:03
5th Place: Brayden Strobel, Russell, won by dec over Javion Granado, Lakin, 8-7

Tristen Porter, Wichita County

1st Place: Samajay Alboyd, Larned, won by dec over Kale Wheeler, Scott City, 8-1
3rd Place: Roman Garcia, Ulysses, won by maj dec over Easton Zapien, Liberal, 11-1
5th Place: Kade Lovelady, Lakin, won by fall over Alex Medina, Holcomb, 4:56

1st Place: Jesse Gardner, Wichita County, won by dec over Adolfo Mendoza, Ulysses, 5-0
3rd Place: Lance Miller, Scott City, won by dec over Jess Whitmer, Russell, 8-5
5th Place: Alex Rodriguez, Holcomb, won by dec over Jacob Cutshall, Liberal, 3-1

Jesse Gardner, Wichita County

1st Place: Tony Rivero, Liberal, won by forfeit over Justin Degollado, Ulysses
3rd Place: Jeffery Nix, Scott City, won by fall over Kolby Johnson, Holcomb, 3:25
5th Place: Mason Eskam, Cimarron, won by dec over Tanner Gooden, Scott City JV, 9-2

195 (Round Robin)
1. Chandler Seaton, Wichita County; 2. Shadryon Blanka, St. Francis; 3. Alonso Frances, Scott City; 4. Moises Rodriguez, Ulysses; 5. Layne Johnson, Cimarron

Chandler Seaton, Wichita County

220 (Round Robin)
1. Carter Atteberry, Larned; 2. Omar Gonzalez, Lakin; 3. Erik Maelick, Russell; 4. Braydon Bruner, Scott City

285 (Round Robin)
1. Gabe Bowers, Scott City; 2. Max Self, Russell; 3. Juan Mancillas, Wichita County; 4. Robert Villezcas, Ulysses; 5. Dravin Chavira, Lakin; 6. Konner Dill, Larned

Gabe Bowers, Scott City