February 25, 2024

Scott City wrestling wins fourth straight GWAC title

Goodland, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–This year saw many changes in high school wrestling, thanks in part to the Covid-19 pandemic. One of those would be the date of the Great West Activities Conference wrestling tournament. Moving the tournament up a week due to District tournaments occupying the first Saturday in February, the annual GWAC tournament not only had a change of format this year, but would take place on a Friday this year, as well as being moved to a different venue. 

For the second straight year, the Max Jones Fieldhouse in Goodland was the site for the GWAC Tournament. With Cimarron as the newest member to the league, the dual tournament format was scrapped for the round robin format. The only thing that didn’t change was who was at the top.

Scott City would hold off Colby to take the tournament for the fourth consecutive year. The Beavers would finish with 161.5 points to Colby’s 152, while Goodland had 142 points to finish third. It was the seventh straight year that Colby and Scott City have finished in the top two of the tournament. 

While Colby and Goodland would win four of the weight classes compared to Scott City winning two, the Beavers would produce more depth from top to bottom. Taking individual titles for Scott City would be Zach Rohrbough at 132 and Lance Miller at 170. Ulysses also had two individual league champions with Quentin Pauda at 120 and Jonathan Lara at 126. Holcomb would see Kolby Johnson take the 182-pound weight division and Cimarron’s Tate Seabolt was the 195-pound champion. 

Scott City will host a Class 4A District Tournament on Saturday, February 6, with fellow GWAC teams Colby, Goodland, Holcomb, Hugoton, and Ulysses, as well as Larned joining the league teams at the tournament, while Cimarron will host a Class 3-2-1A District Tournament the same day. The top four wrestlers will advance to regional competition the following Friday. 

Team Scores
Scott City 161.5, Colby 152, Goodland 142, Ulysses 84.5, Holcomb 76, Cimarron 39, Hugoton 28

Individual Placers
1. Kaeden McCarty, Colby; 2. Evan Fry, Scott City; 3. Erik Garcia, Cimarron
1. DJ Knox, Goodland; 2. Aiden Cook, Colby; 3. Ayden Presson, Scott City; 4. Zane Poulsen, Hugoton; 5. Aaron Garcia, Cimarron
1. Quentin Pauda, Ulysses; 2. Collin McDaniel, Scott City; 3. Octavio Gonzalez, Goodland
1. Jonathan Lara, Ulysses; 2. Tucker Wark, Colby; 3. Greg Martinez, Holcomb; 4. Zach Roberts, Scott City
1. Zach Rohrbough, Scott City; 2. Chris Harris, Holcomb; 3. Conner Lanning, Colby; 4. Dominic Eddie, Ulysses; 5. Luis Cruz, Hugoton
1. Tyler Voss, Colby; 2. Houston Frank, Scott City; 3. Koby Salas, Ulysses; 4. Jason Colby, Goodland
1. Mason Hernandez, Goodland; 2. Adam Mendoza, Hugoton; 3. Connor Armendariz, Scott City; 4. Eli Anguiano, Ulysses; 5. Zachery Harmon, Cimarron; 6. Race Ardery, Holcomb; 7. Marcus Singer, Colby
1. Kyan Ensign, Goodland; 2. Edgar Ramirez, Holcomb; 3. Thomas Dennis, Colby; 4. Eli Greene, Cimarron; 5. Jacob Irwin, Scott City; 6. Kaleb Jaquez, Ulysses; 7. Kaden Jackson, Hugoton
1. Wyatt Tubbs, Colby; 2. Kale Wheeler, Scott City; 3. Maverick Spresser, Goodland; 4. Alex Medina, Holcomb; 5. Andrew Bogner, Cimarron
1. Lance Miller, Scott City; 2. Gantzen Miller, Goodland; 3. Alex Rodriguez, Holcomb; 4. Adolfo Mendoza, Ulysses; 5. Christian Harmon, Cimarron; 6. Caleb Hill, Colby
1. Kolby Johnson, Holcomb; 2. Jeffery Nix, Scott City; 3. Isaiah Shinette, Goodland; 4. Blake Rodriguez, Ulysses; 5. Colin Carroll, Colby
1. Tate Seabolt, Cimarron; 2. Nick Rehmer, Colby; 3. Moises Rodriguez, Ulysses; 4. Alonso Frances, Scott City
1. Dexter Dautel, Goodland; 2. Tyler Rehmer, Colby; 3. Jace Bonsall, Hugoton; 4. Braydon Bruner, Scott City
1. Declan Ryan, Colby; 2. Gabe Bowers, Scott City; 3. Caleb Duell, Goodland; 4. Gustavo Comacho, Ulysses