February 29, 2024

City of Dodge City Publishes Annual Report

City of Dodge City

DODGE CITY, Kansas— The City of Dodge City has published its first municipal annual report, highlighting all the City’s departments’ accomplishments and challenges over the 2020 fiscal year. 

“One of the goals I have for the City is to continue to grow our commitment to transparency,” said City Manager Nick Hernandez. “This report is one step in that goal to allow residents to monitor the progress of department goals and objectives.”

In the future, City staff plan to release the municipal annual report along with yearly budget reports to give a better breakdown of the City’s budget in a reader-friendly format, Hernandez said.

To read the 2020 Annual Report, go to https://www.dodgecity.org/annualreports. Hard copies of the report will be printed and available at City Hall at a later date.