February 25, 2024

Scott City tennis wins home invite

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–Playing in their second meet in as many days, the Scott City tennis team would finally get to play on their home courts Friday afternoon in the Scott City Invitational. The two-year wait to play at home would be well worth it, as the Beavers would take home the tournament title, despite tying with Trego with 37 points. They would win the tiebreaker. Colby placed third with 32 points.

The Beavers won at No. 1 Singles with Avry Noll, and at No. 2 Doubles with Houston Frank/Ayden Presson.

Team Scores
Scott City 37, Trego 37, Colby 32, Cimarron 21, Goodland 17, Garden City 6

No. 1 Singles
1. Avry Noll, Scott City; 2. Caden Brown, Trego; 3. Dawsyn Lemmen, Colby; 4. Luke Janzen, Cimarron; 5. Sharid Goodman, Goodland; 6. Garden City

No. 2 Singles
1. Lincoln Myers, Colby; 2. Gavin Garza, Trego; 3. Peyton Samms, Scott City; 4. Jorge Chavez, Cimarron; 5. Aaron Owens, Goodland; 6. Caleb Randall, Garden City

No. 1 Doubles
1. Isaac Brungardt/Micah Burk, Trego; 2. Aniol Majoral/Nate Schears, Goodland; 3. Jacob Koon/Jahil Garcia, Colby; 4. Dylan Duff/Sage Stoecklein, Scott City; 5. Andrew Bogner/Eli Greene, Cimarron; 6. Albert Escobedo/Carson Kraus, Garden City

No. 2 Doubles
1. Houston Frank/Ayden Presson, Scott City; 2. Troy Hawley/Javier Vasquez, Cimarron; 3. Rory James/Tom Tran, Garden City; 4. Logan Haggard/Caleb Hill, Colby; 5. Garrett Kuhn/Corbin Micek,Trego; 6. Estevan Ordonez/Julian Lopez, Goodland

Avry Noll

Houston Frank & Ayden Presson