March 4, 2024

Cimarron golf wins rain-shortened GWAC Golf meet

Colby, Kan. (–The Cimarron Bluejay golf team won their first GWAC title in their inaugural season in the league Thursday afternoon at Meadow Lake Golf Course in Colby. Play would be suspended late in the day Thursday, due to a thunderstorm in the area. In the end, they would take the front nine scores to determine the league champion.

Cimarron edged host Colby by one shot, and Goodland would finish third. Scott City was fourth, followed by Ulysses, Hugoton and Holcomb.

Kale Wheeler was the GWAC champion, scoring a nine-hole round of 38, while Cimarron’s Josh Weishapl was second with a score of 40.

Monday is regional play, as Ulysses will head to the Class 4A McPherson Regional, while Cimarron hosts a Class 3A Regional, with Colby, Goodland, Holcomb, Hugoton and Scott City participating in that regional.

Team Scores
Cimarron 177, Colby 178, Goodland 193, Scott City 195, Ulysses 218, Hugoton 221, Holcomb 223

Top 10 Individual
1. Kale Wheeler, Scott City, 38; 2. Josh Weishapl, Cimarron, 40; 3. Blake Schilling, Cimarron, 41; 3t. Brock Mull, Goodland, 41; 5. Eli Koerperich, Colby, 42; 6. Isaac Smith, Colby, 43; 6. Brennan Brumbaugh, Goodland, 43; 8. Tate Seabolt, Cimarron, 44; 9. Tucker Metcalf, Ulysses, 45; 10. Hunter Vaughn, Colby, 46

Other Area Results
Cimarron: 18. Colby Johnson, 52; 21. Caden Wilkens, 54; 27t. Clay Frink, 58
Holcomb: 13t. Cross Palacios, 49; 15t. Wyatt Haley, 50; 33. Bryce Teeter, 61; 34. Aden Freeland, 63
Hugoton: 17. Dax Allen, 51; 20. Gavin Williams, 53; 27t. Storm Heger, 58; 31. Tab Robbins, 59; 32. Ayden Harper, 60; 35. Ross Grewell, 64
Scott City: 11t. Jaden Lewis, 47; 22t. Conner Armendaris, 55; 22t. Dylan Metzger, 55
Ulysses: 24t. Matt Malone, 57; 27t. Bryson Steiskal, 57; 27t. Drake Anguiano, 57