June 22, 2024

Scott City wins inaugural GWAC tennis crown

Scott City, Kan. (westernkansasnews.com)–The delay of 24 hours for the first ever Great West Activities Conference tennis meet was worth the wait, as sunny skies and very little wind allowed the five league schools to participate Tuesday in Scott City. Despite it being in Scott City, Cimarron would be the host school for the meet. In the end, Scott City would take the first league title, getting past Colby and Cimarron.

Cimarron will host a Class 3-2-1A Regional meet on Friday and Saturday in Dodge City, where Cimarron, Colby, Goodland and Scott City will be headed to for postseason. Ulysses will be in the Class 4A Regional in Buhler later on Saturday.

Team Scores
Scott City 35, Colby, 26, Cimarron 23, Goodland 15, Ulysses 2

No. 1 Singles
1. Avry Noll, Scott City; 2. Aniol Majoral, Goodland; 3. Lincoln Myers, Colby; 4. Luke Janzen, Cimarron; 5. Jackson Keeler, Ulyssess

No. 1 Doubles
1. Jakob Koon/Jalil Garcia, Colby; 2. Dylan Duff/Sage Stoeklein, Scott City; 3. Tanner Bailey/Eli Greene, Cimarron; 4. Estevan Ordonez/Nate Schears, Goodland; 5. K. Lavigne/J. Lavigne, Ulysses

No. 2 Singles
1. Ivan Mendez, Cimarron; 2. Peyton Samms, Scott City; 3. Dawsyn Lemman, Colby; 4. Aaron Owens, Goodland; 5. Tyson Flores, Ulysses

No. 2 Doubles
1. Houston Frank/Ayden Presson, Scott City; 2. Troy Hawley/Havier Vasquez, Cimarron; 3. Will Bradley/Logan Haggard, Colby; 4. M. Martinez/B. Pena, Ulysses; 5. Julian Lopez/Jaron Nothdurft, Goodland

Coach Corbin Janssen, Scott City