April 21, 2024

Lee Richardson Zoo: Bison “Titus” Diagnosed With Cancer

Lee Richardson Zoo is saddened to share that “Titus”, the bison bull that has graced the zoo for almost 18 years, has been diagnosed with oral cancer.  A preliminary diagnosis was made during an examination earlier this month.  A biopsy that was sent in after the exam has confirmed the diagnosis.  Staff will provide Titus with supportive care while he is able to maintain his quality of life.  Titus came to the zoo from the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism in 2003.  Titus is 18 years old. 


This is the second cancer diagnosis for the zoo this year.  “Rita”, one of the Goeldi’s monkeys that resides at the zoo, was diagnosed with leukemia during her pre-shipment exam for a trip to another facility where she was going to be paired with a mate.  Based on the diagnosis, the trip was cancelled, and she is living with her sister in an off-exhibit area of the zoo.  She too will be provided with supportive care.  Rita is eight years old and was born at Lee Richardson Zoo.  At this time, she is not showing signs of decline.  Her mother, “Sugar”, currently resides in the Marie Osterbuhr Aviary building with her new mate, “James Bond”.