February 28, 2024


Berryton, KS–No-till on the Plains is returning to in-person events this summer. The second of three field events to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the annual Winter Conference will take place July 15 in Liberal, Kansas and Vos Farms.

Nick Vos was born in South Africa where he grew up on a vegetable farm. Proud to be an American citizen, Nick and his family reside in Hugoton, Kansas, where they raise corn, soybeans, wheat, and sorghum. Nick farms in both Kansas and Oklahoma, runs a seed business, and has incorporated Dorper sheep into the operation, managed by his wife Johanna. Dopers are a hair-sheep breed used in arid environments. “Nic is making the most of his environment by taking care of the soil and understanding diversity in his production system is key to success,” says Michael Thompson, No-till on the Plains president.

Attendees will see how Vos farms is making the most of a limited water supply to add carbon to the soil, raise crops and add diversity to their system by integrating sheep grazing under center-pivot irrigation systems.  Nic also helps others further their soil health journeys through his consulting and seed business. Following lunch, attendees will hear Clay Center (KS) producer Josh Lloyd share his experience earning higher profits utilizing soil health principles on his farm.

Registration and information for the event are available at, www.notill.org. Cost is $25 the optional lunch is an additional $15.


No-till on the Plains Annual Sponsors: Green Cover Seed, Exapta Solutions, General Mills, Upfield North America, Noble Research Institute, #NoRegrets Initiative, Kansas Soybean Commission, Advancing EcoAgriculture, Kansas Department of Agriculture-Division of Conservation


Visit notill.org or call (785) 210-4549 for registration information. Pre-registration online is required.