February 22, 2024

County road closures to begin in Finney and Haskell counties

Intermittent road closures will begin on county roads along the new U.S. 83 alignment in Finney and Haskell counties beginning Thursday, July 22, according to the Kansas Department of Transportation. 

Crews will be completing county road tie-ins to the new U.S. 83 alignment in three phases including, dirt work and pipe installation, then cement treated subgrade will be placed, and the final phase will be completion of the asphalt tie-ins to U.S. 83. Road closures will alternate so that every other road is closed for one to two days, per phase then re-opened until the next phase.

Craft Road in Finney County will close and Lear Road will re-open on Thursday, July 22 as the tie-in process begins.