May 28, 2024

GCCC to implement “Mask Appreciated” Policy

GARDEN CITY, KS – Garden City Community College announced on Wednesday that the school will move to a “mask appreciated” phase. The mandate falls under the school’s new phasing system. The college says that faculty and staff may still require masks to be worn in certain classes and offices, based on the needs of employees with health related issues. Students will be notified by faculty and staff if they will be required to wear a mask via their course syllabus. 


The college also announced Wednesday that the school will be hosting vaccination clinics on campus as well as provide information sessions to students about the vaccine in an effort to encourage vaccination on campus. Students, faculty and staff that get vaccinated and show proof of their CDC Vaccination Card will receive a $500 incentive from the school. The college plans to release more information on the incentives at a later date.