Southwest Medical Center to Host 12th Annual Community Health Fair

LIBERAL, KS – Hundreds of residents across Kansas and surrounding regions will have access  to free and low-cost preventive health screenings, education services, and wellness products.  Southwest Medical Center has announced the 2021 Community Health Fair will take place on  Saturday, Oct. 2 from 7 a.m. to noon at the Seward County Activity Center in Liberal. The event  is open to everyone. 

The team at SWMC is working diligently to prepare for this event. More than 50 booths focused  on health and wellness will be on-site to provide information about their organization, products,  or services. SWMC will offer a variety of free exams including clinical breast exams, orthopedic  and sports medicine consultations, pulse oximetry testing, and blood pressure measurements.  The Liberal Lion’s Club mobile screening unit will include visual acuity/vision screens, a field  of vision tests, blood pressure, blood sugar, and hearing tests at no charge. Dr. Mona Rane will provide free skin cancer exams. First Dental will also offer free oral cancer screenings.  

Our goal is to encourage our community to be proactive about their health and to make it a  priority. The screenings offered will aid in early detection. Preventive care is so important  because it helps you stay healthy and access prompt treatment when necessary. It can also help  you reduce your overall medical expenses,” said Janeth Vazquez, Southwest Medical Center’s  Marketing and Development Director. 

This annual event also features a series of lab tests, including a comprehensive metabolic profile,  lipid profile, thyroid screen, and a complete blood count for $35 per person. For an additional  $7, men can add PSA (prostate-specific antigen) testing, which is recommended for men age 40  and older to test for signs of prostate cancer. Women may have a CEA (carcinoembryogenic  antigen) screen for an additional $7 to test for certain types of cancer. An HGB A1C (glycated  hemoglobin) test is also available for an additional $7 to help monitor long-term glucose control.  

Veterans and first responders (spouses & dependents not included) will receive free lab  screenings courtesy of Southwest Medical Center. Veterans are asked to present their military  I.D. 

Several businesses and organizations, including The Community Bank, Conestoga Energy, The  Midland Group, Southern Office Supply, and Southwest Medical Center, have contributed to this  community event so far to assist in keeping screening costs low for all participants, regardless of  their insurance status.  

Admission to the Community Health Fair is free for the general public and no pre-registration is  required for lab tests or screenings. All visitors interested in having the above lab tests done at  the health fair should plan to fast for at least eight hours before testing. Participants must bring  their own masks, and it must be worn inside of the facility at all times. Each station will be  marked so everyone can maintain a social distance of 6 feet. Our volunteers will disinfect all  touchable surfaces frequently.

For more information about attending or sponsoring the 2021 Community Health Fair, please  contact Janeth Vazquez at (620) 629-6335 or Rachel Downing at (620) 629-6424. Event updates  are available on the Southwest Medical Center Facebook and Instagram page.