April 21, 2024

Tumbleweed Festival Zoo hours

The Lee Richardson Zoo will be open to pedestrians only (no vehicle traffic) beginning at 4:00 PM Friday, August 27, and all day Saturday, August 28, due to the Tumbleweed Festival, a music & arts festival put on by Tumbleweed Festival, Inc. The festival will take place on the west side of the zoo. Zoo visitors will be able to view most animal habitats from outside the
festival area. The road and sidewalk by the bison and elk, kangaroo and emu areas, as well as the playground, will be included in the festival area. The West Green of the zoo will remain open until the festival’s performances have concluded for the day. Other zoo areas will
maintain normal hours, and staff will observe our regular 7:00 PM closing procedures for habitats and the rest of the zoo property. Admittance to the zoo is free for pedestrians; however, there is a separate admission fee to the festival. The main entrance to the festival
is at the southwest corner of the zoo off Main Street. During zoo hours, the festival is accessible west of the waterfall near the Bactrian camel exhibit.