February 25, 2024

Big Brother Big Sisters seeking volunteers


Dear Friend of Big Sisters and Big Brothers,


We have a busy fall planned, starting with Fall Fest, September 18th in Downtown Garden City.  You can WIN a Big Brothers Big Sisters t-shirt by participating in our scavenger hunt! There will be information posted downtown and on our Facebook page on how to enter! Local children painted inspirational rocks that will be hidden in stores and downtown that day. If you find one–snap a photo and send it to us! The top 3 people who find the most painted rocks will WIN!


First and foremost, WE NEED MORE MENTORS!  Currently, we have 100+ kids on the waitlist and which concerns me the most. When you witness how a kid responds to a caring adult you’ll get it.  If it isn’t you, please think of a quality adult who might provide a good life example to a child. We are in need of volunteers from 16 to 116! We recently added a Career Mentoring/Job Shadowing Program with Garden City High School and we need businesses willing to mentor a high school student.  We also partnered with 25th Judicial District Youth Services to provide one-to-one mentoring for youth involved in the court system who are struggling. If you would be willing to step up and help one of these youth, please let me know!


Multiple volunteer opportunities are available that would greatly help our agency, including:  speakers for our afterschool and summer programs, serving as a board member, help setting up for events, new ideas you may have for fund raisers/marketing, and help recruiting more volunteers! Please call me and let me know where you’d like to fit in.  There is no minimum amount of time helping a kid.


We are also hosting a new event in partnership with the Finney County Preservation Alliance:  All Hallow’s Eve Auction and Ball at the Windsor Hotel on October 30th. This event will help us raise funds for our agency to help us serve more kids in need.  If you would be willing to be a sponsor for this sold out event, or donate an item for the auction, please contact me! We would love to showcase your donation and commitment to the most vulnerable youth in our community!


If you aren’t interested for any reason there is also an unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email.  I appreciate your interest past and present in helping us help local kids see their potential and develop their success!


Best wishes,


Tammy Wilson

Executive Director